Pop-up Shop Newbury

When we’re here.

We are at Newbury market every Saturday  10am – 4pm.

We carry a wide range of stock, if there is something you specifically want we can obtain stock from our stores to ensure you have the widest selection available.

Any enquires regarding the Pop-up shop can be directed to the Swindon branch from where it is managed: 01793 612044

About the pop-up shop.

Just because there are no bricks doesn’t mean you deserve anything than the best. Go Vape started as a local shop and quickly had customers from all over the country asking us to open near them; with a wide range of Mods, Tanks and E-liquids with customer service level leading the industry we wanted to provide the best customer service we could for ‘non local’ customers. We quickly introduced this site but this lacked the personal touch and advice we are famous for. This is when we brought up the ideas of Pop-up shops.

Many weekly markets have traders who can come and go, who can offer no support or help. We wanted to offer something different, we wanted to offer a regular service to your area whilst letting you have the confidence in us from our permanent shops. We treat every customer the same, wherever they shop. You can return or ask for help from any location irrespective where it was purchased from. We want to give you the best.

Come And See Us.